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The Walton Basin Project

(Please note: all text and pictures on this page are provided by Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust (CPAT) )

Recent Cadw-funded project work in the Walton Basin, as part of the Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Sites and the Roman Military Vici initiatives, combined with the results of earlier assessment work by the Trust under the direction of Dr Alex Gibson and also funded by Cadw, continues to highlight the importance and complexity of this area of eastern Radnorshire, which is virtually unparalleled elsewhere within the British Isles.

The area encapsulates the archaeology of the Welsh borderland and is so far known to contain evidence for multiperiod activity from the early post-glacial period onwards. Recent studies have focused on the complex of prehistoric monuments around Hindwell and Walton, most of which date from the Neolithic, and include some of the largest sites of their type in Britain, such as the Hindwell cursus and the Hindwell palisaded enclosure.

The importance of the area as a base for Roman military campaigns is also becoming more apparent and the strategic significance of the routeway which passes through the basin into mid Wales remained influential well into the medieval period.

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The Rings

The Rings

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